Club Competitions & Tournaments

The Club holds a variety of Competitions and Tournaments suitable for all ages and standards. Just click/tap a heading or a link below find out how to compete or just to learn more.

Club Tournament

Held yearly, the Bicester Championship Tournament is our most popular and competitive event. It's a seeded knockout tournament with a finals day that produces some fine and exciting tennis. With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted, the committee has given the go ahead to resume where we left off.

Updated fixtures for 2020 are online NOW! Click/tap here to see them.

Covid Crunch Family Doubles Competition

This was arranged when our Annual Tournament was on hold.

It's a light-hearted Doubles Competition, teams are 2 players from the same household as defined in Club Guidelines (i.e. could be 2 Adults, 1 Adult/1 Junior or even 2 Juniors). Click/tap here for more.

Bicester Box League

Now in it's Third Series, the Bicester Box League is a League Table format that's great fun and very sociable. You play with, and against players of all standards that you may not normally meet on court. Click/tap here for more.

Over 50s/Vets

One of the most active Club Groups, the Over 50's/Vets hold a number of friendly competitions throughout the year and it's open to all players of any standard and often for charity. Click/tap here for more.

Singles Ladder

The Singles Ladder was suggested by a club member who noticed a strong interest in competitive singles play. It's run online using special software. Click/tap here for more.

Singles Tournament

The first Singles Tournament was held this Summer and was a great success. It will definitely be held again. Click/tap here for more.

Jubilee Cup

Arranged two or three times a year, the 'Sir Ken Ferriman' Jubilee Cup is generally considered to be the friendliest fun competition. It's always oversubscribed! Click/tap here for more.

Open Days

Not a Competition or Tournament but here are some photos of Open Days in 2018! Click/tap here for more.

Court Availability

Arrange your matches at mutually agreeable times using the online calendar to find available time slots. Courts are available on a first come, first served basis. Please read and comply with the Court Booking Guidelines.

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