Sunday Morning Tennis

Sunday coaching is currently paused, except Cardio Tennis is running six week courses.



Tennis Xpress (6 week course)

Members £50 (£8.33 per week) - Non-Members £60 (£10 per week)

If you have never played tennis before, or haven't played in a long time, then Tennis Xpress is for you. It is an easy and fun way for adult beginners to get into the game. During the 6 week course you will be taught new skills and be shown how to serve, rally and score, so that by the end, you will be able to enjoy fun matches with your friends, family or other people you meet.



Members £8 p/wk or block of 6 for £48 - Non-Members £10 p/wk

Cardio Tennis is a fun and sociable way to raise your heart rate and burn over 600 calories. Perfect for people of all ages and tennis playing abilities. The emphasis is on aerobic cardiovascular fitness rather than tennis technique. All equipment provided.


Doubles Dynamic (Any ability)

Members £7 p/wk or block of 10 for £65 (£6.50 p/wk) - Non-Members £10 p/wk

If you play doubles at your club and would like some fresh ideas and a structured approach then this is the course for you. Dynamic Doubles will help to show what shots to play and when, with drills and games to inspire great movement and communication, to allow you to take and define responsibility, to discover for yourself what works and have some fun with defined tactics and set plays.


Parent and Child Session

Members £5 (adults) £3 (kids) p/wk - Non-Members £6 (adults) £3 (kids) p/wk

This session is for parents and children. Activities will include skills and games that you can do together and will cover basic agility, balance and co-ordination witht he main priority to have FUN. Spend time with your family at the same time as excerisising and working as a tem. Children of any age are welcome!

All equipment is provided.

For more information or to book your place contact Bianca Pallatt,, 07938145736 

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