Book A Court - Members Only



Courts must be booked in advance: click here to view the court calendar, check availability and to book your court


BLTC is a members only club


Court Booking.

  1. Courts can be booked on the Bicester Tennis Club ClubSpark website (
  2. You will need to login (with your registered e-mail address and password) to make a booking.
    Click ‘Forgotten Your Password’ and change password if you cannot remember it.
  3. You may book 14 days in advance. A booking is set for 1 hour.
  4. Full adult members can make make 4 bookings in any 7-day period. Other membership types may have lower limits. (The booking system will stop you breaching these limits).
  5. Please remember to cancel any bookings that you cannot attend.
  6. Members only.

Junior Members.

  • The usual rules apply to Junior Members.

Court Access.

  • Access to the courts is constrained by padlocks on the court gate. Members can purchase a key for access... please contact the club email to arrange this.
  • Use hand sanitizer to clean your hands before and after you need to handle the locks.



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