Meet the Coaching Team

Ariadne Katsoulis and Paul Valentine ( pictured below ) Head coaches managing the full coaching programme at Bicester lawn tennis club. 
Currently Ariadne is a LTA level 4 senior performance coach and Paul is a level 4 senior Club coach. 
Both have been awarded LTA coach of the year with Ariadne in Oxfordshire 2022 and Paul in Northamptonshire 2021. 
As a couple on and off the court, they work together amazingly  and bring knowledge and energy to all of their programmes. 
Ariadne as a former professional WTA player with a ranking of 416 in singles and 380 in doubles, has a great understanding and passion for the game. She has over 20 years experience in coaching.
Paul has held head coach positions in a number of clubs for the last 10 years. Delivering and managing junior and adult programmes, inspiring all levels of player to improve and love our amazing sport. He has over 15 years of coaching experience. 

If you have any enquires or changes regarding coaching, please contact Ariadne.


The members of the coaching team are:

Head Coaches 
Ariadne Katsoulis & Paul Valentine 
LTA level 4 senior performance 
LTA level 4 senior club coach 
 Paull & Ariadne
Aoife Miller 
Lead Club Coach 
LTA level 3 club coach 
Beth Gibb 
Club Coach 
LTA level 3 club coach 
Gordon Dunn
Club Coach 
LTA level 3 Coach
Kerrie Chattey
Assistant Coach
LTA level 1 Coach
Anthony Sol 
Coaching Assistant 
LTA level 1 Coach 

All coaches are qualified and accredited with the Lawn Tennis Association. This provides evidence they are safe to practice as well as competent. Accreditation means having an appropriate qualification, DBS and first aid certificates, safegaurd protection and references.

Any enquiries regarding coaching at BLTC please contact Head Coach Ariadne - 07710 541227

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