Posted 16 November 2017
"Each and every one of you have worked extremely hard to win these awards, you should be extremely proud of yourself, I am very proud of you!" Bianca Pallatt

Four up-and-coming players from our club were presented with top accolades at this year’s TennisOxfordshire Junior Awards. The ceremony, which took place at Abingdon and Witney College on Friday 3rd November, recognised outstanding sporting talent from across the county. 
Esme Paddick (12), Callum West (14), Lucy Willoughby (9) and Ronan Goss (15) each took home gold in their respective categories; Club Coach’s Player (girl), Club Coach’s Player (boy), Most Improved Junior Player (girl) and Most Improved Junior Player (boy). With more than 50 entries, taking home gold awards clearly demonstrated each player’s passion, commitment and development.

As the only club in the county taking home gold awards in each category, I’m so proud of Esme, Callum, Lucy and Ronan. Each player clearly demonstrated their passion, enthusiasm, commitment and talent to the judges. The results not only showcase individual performance, but also demonstrate BLTC as one of the county’s leading clubs. 

Esme Paddick
As a full-time tennis coach, working seven days a week and training hundreds of junior players every year, teaching budding players is my real passion. Esme Paddick, however, has been the first player to teach me. Not even in her teenage years, Esme suffers with deafness. Without the support of specialist technology, understanding instructions, support or advice is almost impossible. Unfortunately, living with such a debilitating impairment at a young age had seriously knocked Esme’s confidence. Joining Bicester Lawn Tennis Club was therefore a key milestone in helping to bring out the dazzling personality of such a happy young girl. By using radio microphones during training, emphasising instructions and using hand gestures to explain activities, we can now deliver seamless sessions for Esme and her friends. Alongside further developing our own coaching skills, taking part in weekly sessions has seen Esme’s talent blossom. Now a confident member of the club, actively participating in lessons and hitting against older players, Esme has taught us all how important it is to leave our fears behind and learn something new every day. Impossible is nothing. Esme Paddick is our Club Coach’s Player (Girl) for 2017.
Callum West
At Bicester Lawn Tennis Club, we strive to inspire three key player characteristics – passion, enthusiasm and teamwork. As a family-friendly club, with members ranging from 3-90 years old, sharing skills and supporting others is paramount to achieving a happy and vibrant atmosphere. As well as setting the standard for commitment through his unwavering effort and progress in coaching sessions, Callum West is heart-set on helping others. Whether helping the coaching team with weekend junior sessions, showing his support at open days, providing demonstrations for the younger children attending holiday camps or just as a ball boy for the adult matches, Callum epitomises the club mentality. As well as inspiring others with his passion and proactivity, his technical skill and natural coaching capability make Callum an excellent role model for our younger members. Genuine and inspirational, Callum West is our Club Coach’s Player (Boy) for 2017.
Lucy Willoughby
At only nine years old and less than 5 ft. tall, Lucy Willoughby is the club’s pocket rocket. With a backhand that outstrips most of our adult players, her talent continues to develop on a seemingly weekly basis. Since joining the Bicester Lawn Tennis Club coaching programme, Lucy has become one of our shining stars. Thanks to incredible commitment and natural flair, as well as a friendly(ish) rivalry with her older brother Edward, Lucy now trains and competes above her age group. Committed, enthusiastic, dedicated and considered, Lucy Willoughby really is ‘one to watch’. Head and shoulders our most improved junior club player (girl) of 2017.
Ronan Goss 
In 2016, Ronan Goss was a complete tennis novice. However, since joining the Bicester Lawn Tennis Club coaching programme, he has quickly become one of our top players. Committed to becoming the best, Ronan perfected his technique through weekly coaching sessions, regular practice sessions and attending every day of holiday camps. Quickly rising up the ranks to the best player in his age group, he is now also a regular fixture in the adult teams. Ronan has even started assisting the coaching team with junior sessions – offering his advice and providing support to help younger members of the club develop their own playing styles. Achieving this and much more in less than 18 months is why Ronan Goss is our most improved junior club player (boy) of 2017.

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